Package Duration : 07 Nights / 08 Days
Destination Cover : Bangalore - Kabini/Bandipur - Mysore - Hassan - Hampi - Gadag - Goa - Bangalore.

Day 01: Bangalore ( Monday )Banglore
06.00 - 07.00 pm : Report at the station for check-in and board the train. .
09.00 pm : The Golden Chariot pulls off from the station and proceeds towards Mysore. Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka, is one of the most developed cities in India and is also a hot favourite with IT industry. IT aspirants from all over India come to Bangalore to give their careers a boost by working in highly rated companies. For tourists too, there are many sights to see and things to do. Bangalore, the garden city, is known for its pleasant climate. It is from here that you commences the wonderful journey of your life on board the Golden Chariot. Dinner is served on board. Cheers!

Day 02 : Mysore - Kabini ( Tuesday )
01.00 am : The Golden Chariot arrives at Mysore station.
08.00 am : Drive to Kabini, known for its wildlife
10.00 pm : Return to the Golden Chariot.

Covering a distance of 141 km, the Golden Chariot pulls in at the Mysore station. BangloreMysore, which was once the state capital, is one of the most visited cities by the tourists. It is one city which invariably reminds you of its glorious history, of the mighty Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali. The palaces and buildings still stand majstically as a silent reminder of the courageous sultans who once ruled the city.

After reaching Mysore, you will be driven to Kabini, a wolrd of wildlife. Also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park and the Nagahole Wildlife Park, Kabini once enjoyed the status of royal hunting retreat. It was visited by the Maharajas of Mysore but today, it is open for everyone who is fond of wildlife. Wild animals that you can spot in the park area include elephant, gaur, sambar, chital and wild boar. If lucky enough, you might just also catch a glimpse of the fiercer lot like leopard and tiger. And if you are a lover of avian species, then the 300 species of birds are there to fill your heart with joy. Later, you return to the Golden Chariot which remains stationed at Mysore station all through the night.

Day 03 : Mysore ( Wednesday )
08.30 am : Set out for sightseeing in Mysore.
11.00 pm : Return to train

Today, you will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of Mysore. Amongst places that you will visit today, the most famous ones are Mysore Palace and Brindvan Gardens. The first of these is the wonderful example of the Indo Sarcenic style of architecture. Worth appreciating here are the fine carvings and work of art from all over the world. The Brindavan Gardens present a very different kind of attraction. With its charming beauty, it attracts a whole lot of tourists. So much so that it has for years also served as a shooting spot for film makers in India. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 04 : Hassan - Halebidu / BelurBanglore
Thursday -
06.00 am : The Golden Chariot leaves Mysore.
08.40 am : The train arrives in Hassan.
09.30 am : You are driven to Halebidu / Belur.
01.00 pm : Return to train and enjoy lunch onboard.
04.00 pm : You are driven to Sravanbelagola Jain Temples.
07.00 pm : Return to train where the dinner is served.
07.40 pm : The luxury train leaves for TB DAM.

Today, you will visit some of the most famous and revered temples of Karnataka. In Hassan, you will visit the magnificent Hoyasala temple complex. The Chennakesava temple here which was constructed to mark the victory of Hoyasala ruler Vishuvardhan over the Chola king is a major draw here. The exquisite architecture fills your heart with admiration for the artists. The temple is also known because it is the only one which still draws worshippers in large number. No other temple in this complex is still used for worship.

Not too far away is Halebidu which is known for the Hoysaleswara temple. The temple standing on a star shaped base with lawns all around is a treat for the lovers of artistry. Shravanbelagola, the next on the list of attractions to be visited, houses the monolithic statue of Lord Gomteswara. Soaring upto 58 feet, it is Asia's largest monolithic statue and is highly revered by the Jain community of the country.

Day 05 : Hospet - Hampi ( Friday )Banglore
05.30 am : The Golden Chariot arrives at TB DAM.
08.30 am : Drive up the hill for breakfast.
09.30 am : Catch the train to reach Hospet / Hampi
01.00 pm : Lunch is served onboard.
03.30 pm : Explore Hampi in the evening.
07.00 pm : Dinner is served onboard.
08.00 pm : The train departs for Gadag.

Desginated the status of world heritage sites, the monuments of Hampi remind you of the famed Vijayanagara empire. Hampi was then the capital of this mighty empire which included the present day states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The ruins of Hampi which spread to 26 sq km stand testimony to the great creativity and artistry of the bygone era. The most important ruins in the area are the royal Centre and the Sacred Centre. Later, you will also pay a visit to the Anegundi village and enjoy the relaxed, beautiful and traditional life of Karnataka.
Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 06 : Aihole & Pattadakal - Badami Saturday - Banglore
05.30 am : The train pulls in at Gadag.
08.30 am : You are driven to Aihole & Pattadakal.
01.00 -04.00 pm : have your lunch at Badami Court.
04.00 - 06.00 pm : Explore Badami, a world heritage site.
07.00 pm : Dinner is served onboard.
08.00 pm : The train departs for Goa.

Today, its time for you to visit few other famous attractions of the south Indian state of Karnataka. The first of these is Badami, a world heritage site, most known for its sculpture of 18 armed Nataraja striking 81 dance poses. Monuments of Pattadakal, also a world heritage site, were built by the Chalukyan rulers and mark their architectural excellence. Aihole presevres ancient Hindu temples, over hundred in number. They are all spread around a village. The most significant amongst so many temple is the Durga Temple. Other temples here include the Hutchimalli Temple and Lad Khan temple. The latter is said to be the oldest temple here.
Return back on train. Overnight on board.

Day 07: Goa ( Sunday )
05.30 am : The train arrives at Goa
09.00 am : You are driven to Mapple Viva.
12.00 -04.00 pm : Enjoy your lunch & explore the Calangute Beach.
06.00 pm : Return to Train.
07.00 pm : Departure from Goa.

Goa, a name that is synonymous with sun, sand and sea is your destination today. An entire day to explore this magical land will boost your spirit. Goa is a place where every year numreous tourists - both domestic and foreign - pour in to enjoy their vacation. Relaxing on beach, enjoying watersports, exploring the Portuguese heritage specially the churches of old Goa is what tourists in general enjoy doing here. The Calangute beach is one of the most popular amongst the tourists and offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy watersports. You can also indulge in a bit of shopping here. Overnight on board.

Day 08: Bangalore ( Monday )
11.00 am : The Golden Chariot returns to Bangalore.

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